Step by step srl, announces today its new website dedicated to english speaking web surfers. This web site offers attractions, deals, travel advices, for people who looks for good services and the best offers on the market.

According to the “Giorgio” Style ( ;, shows a simple and clear style, graphic tools and funny downloads.

Through the Home page you can choose the product category: Christian Rome, Baroque Rome, or archaeological Rome, entertaining, attractions, rentals, excursions from Rome to Italy, at the best prices available.

Thanks to commercial agreements with important business partners, provides a complete range of products at the best prices available.

2 cool !! if you find this sign you reached interesting products and news, special deals and excursions, useful and new tools to visit the city, like the free map of Rome in .pdf format available for downloading.

Another tool (created by Step by Step Srl) is the STEP-O-METER table, a table that allows you to know the distance in Km. from one visit site to another. Using the step-o-meter, the visitor who planned to visit different sites in a day, could easily optimize its time visit and schedule and choose the best way to move in the Eternal City.

The map and the Step-o-meter are downloadable from the page

In the web site there is a section dedicated to the amenities and news about the city of Rome ( ), here is possible to find unusual and classic pictures of Rome, typical rome dishes and much more.Through the website is possible to send a reservation request with credit card details. Step by step srl guarantees the protection of your data according to the law. It’s easy: choose the product, select “book now” and fill the form.

No hidden costs or tax! The price you see is what you pay (tax included). is the web site for people who looks for the best deal, information, suggestions in a modern and creative style.

Daniela Cassoni

Step by Step Srl

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